24 February 2017

The 4 Types of Content That Boost Your Brand Credibility

What’s the point of investing in marketing if it doesn’t work the way you want it to? Many business owners feel like they don’t have this problem -- that because the content they share gets the traffic or visibility or even sales, that this content is doing its due diligence. However, limiting the scope of what your content can do for you to only these basic capabilities is selling your...

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21 February 2017

Social Trends: Are They Worth Using in Your Marketing Strategy?

Any social media marketer knows that trends are a big part of staying up to date within the social scene. Even if you don’t retweet the latest memes or use the lingo of the week, all of these things sort of seep into us Internet-savvy folk by osmosis. Even those of us who stay on the technical side of things aren’t immune to Internet trends.

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17 February 2017

Furniture Store Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Attract Customers

More and more businesses are finding success with Facebook marketing. Actually, it’s not as if this is a new trend. Facebook has been used as a business tool for years, with the following statistics applying to Facebook in 2016:

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14 February 2017

User Generated Content Marketing Ideas that Boost Business Credibility

This past Super Bowl, we all saw commercials that companies spent months and millions on, all with the aim of snatching the sports viewer’s attentions so their products and services could be sold. These corporations usually have heavy pockets and staying power -- small businesses, however, don’t have this same luxury. Not all businesses have the kind of cash to throw around for major marketing...

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10 February 2017

Higher Education Marketing That Appeals to High Schoolers and Parents

It’s been discussed on this blog before that higher education platforms have a great many demographics they can market themselves to. This age range typically tapers off at 35, but some do choose to aim higher with their marketing -- especially when it comes to online learning platforms that specialize in older-age specific topics or purposes. However, one constant that remains is that most...

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07 February 2017

Creative Marketing Strategy: Should Your Ads Break the Mold?

We’re often tasked with making a choice between one or other in life: do we go with what we know, or do we explore the unknown; the strange possibilities that we can only dream of? This decision making is very prevalent in the world of marketing. On one hand, some marketing strategies are so tried and true that they essentially become a safe standard. On the other, taking a risk with creative...

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03 February 2017

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies B2B Businesses Should Consider for 2017

B2B businesses don’t target the common man. In fact, “B2B” refers to “business 2 business” -- or a business that caters to other businesses. This can be through goods, services or other offers that specifically aim to help another business work more efficiently in one way or another.

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31 January 2017

Website Content 101: What Yours is Missing and How to Fix It

It’s often that business owners take their website copy for granted. It’s something that’s so simple and is usually added at the inception of a business’ website, never to be edited again unless information changes. However, is website copy something that should be ignored like this?

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27 January 2017
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New Social Media Trends and How to Utilize Them for Business Marketing

We’re now in 2017 and January is almost completely behind us. We’re already looking at new trends in business, from what the trends of 2016 can tell us about the future and what we’ve already experienced in the first few weeks of the year. This year has already seen massive events happen, and social media has already been ablaze with new hashtags, memes and viral ideas that businesses will...

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24 January 2017
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Business Marketing: 5 Things to Ask Before Posting Every Tweet

Social media is something of a minefield. There are a few ways to succeed on Twitter, but a million ways to do something majorly wrong. It’s not often you see businesses blow up in the news because of something positive they’ve done, like the recent viral sensation that the Wendy’s Twitter has become, but instead you see tons of articles covering big business Twitter fails.

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